2022-23 Mite/8U Registration

Registration for STMA and NWC Youth Hockey will open in July. Create an account to receive association communications to get to know us. Check back often for more details.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.

(8U Riverhawks who reside in Monticello and are registered through Monticello will need to create a Crossbar account and obtain a registration link from in order to be added to the season calendar and communications.)

Regular Season Information


STMAYHA Mite hockey provides programs for boys and girls ages 5 to 9. Players must be 5 by June 1, 2022.

Boys (Mites) and girls (8U) will play separate from each other, however their level structure will be similar.

We have four (4) levels of play within the Mite/8U program and try to keep kids with their age group as much as possible, but will make adjustments in order to best place players with others at a similar skill level.

Level Breakdown

  • Gold (boys and girls) – typically last year players and advanced skill level
  • Blue (boys and girls) – typically last year and third year players and intermediate level
  • Silver (boys) – typically second year players and new older players
  • Junior Knights/Junior Hawks – typically first year players and young return players


The first official weekend of the Mite/8U season will be end of October. The season runs through the last week in February or first week in March depending on calendar year. During the first two weeks of season returning skaters are evaluated. Skaters will be placed in their skill level group for the season following evaluations.

  • Gold/Blue/Silver teams formed Mid November
  • Bronze teams formed by Early December
  • Teams will be posted on the STMAYHA Website and communicated via email from the Mite Coordinator
  • The number of teams at each level will be based on player registration numbers


All primary ice time is located at the STMA Ice Arena, with occasional ice time located at the Monticello, Moose Sherritt Ice Arena.


All skaters receive team jersey and socks after teams are formed that they keep at the end of the season.

After teams are formed, mite team managers will work with each of their teams to print last names on jerseys for those who are interested. This is optional and not required at the mite level.

Games & Practices


Early in the season the on-ice focus for all levels will be solely on skill development through practice. As the season progresses, we will move to one (1) hour per weekend of practice ice and one (1) hour per weekend of scrimmage ice. Games will not begin until December, with the exception of the Gold level.

Practices will follow the USA Hockey Age Specific Practice Plans & Guidelines (ADM)

  • Skills Stations
  • Small Area Games
  • Always Moving
  • FUN


  • Scrimmages will be primarily half-ice
  • Junior level will be cross-ice
  • Gold level will play up to four (4) full-ice games after January 1st per MN Hockey Guidelines
  • Gold and Blue levels will play some games/scrimmages against other associations, however most of the focus will be in house development. Gold level will play more out of association games after January 1st.


The Mite/8U regular season schedule is typically one (1) hour of ice each Saturday and Sunday between 7 a.m. -12:30 p.m. at the STMA Arena.

  • Level ice times will be scheduled on a rotation each month, so morning time slots are distributed evenly across teams
  • 8U teams may have ice at the Monticello Ice Arena periodically throughout the season
  • Starting at the end of November going through February, both Gold and Blue levels will have additional skills practice each Wednesday night at the STMA rink

Tournaments & Jamborees

We expect to play jamborees at the Mite/8U level this season

Gold - Three (3) Events

Blue/Silver - Two (2) events

Junior Knights/Junior Hawks - One (1) event

Cost & Volunteer Requirements


All 1st Year Mite/8U Players are FREE this season!

All Returning Mite Players = $350

Additional cost based on placement level:

  • Junior Knights/Hawks = None
  • Silver Level = $40
  • Blue Level = $85
  • Gold Level = $125

Volunteer Requirements

Make sure to read our volunteer requirements before registration, including a buyout option. Those can be found in the Parent section under the Resources tab on our website.

Each skater will need a volunteer check turned in prior to being placed on a team. The check will be shredded once volunteer hours are complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can play hockey?

Boys and girls ages 5 (by June 1, 2021) and older. You must live in the boundaries of the STMA School District, or attend the STMA School District, to play STMA Hockey.

When do they play?

The season runs from October through March.

The schedules for hockey are different every week. There is no set schedule. Mites (9 and under) play in-house and traveling players play around the north and west metro along with tournaments around the state. There is no in-house program for 9 and above. Likewise, there is no travel program for Mites.

When do we get the schedule?

Schedules generally come out every 2-3 weeks. Games and tournaments are known ahead of time.

Do you provide equipment?

Unfortunately, we no longer provide equipment. Hat Trick Hockey located in the rink offers periodic first year skaters specials and equipment fitting services.

What if we don't pay?

Skaters will be removed from the ice until payment is made.

What if my child decides against participating?

STMAYHA will offer a refund minus any ice hours used.

Mites Knights 2022-23 (Boys)

STMAYHA Mite hockey provides programs for boys ages 5 to 9. Players must be 5 by June 1, 2022.

First year skaters are FREE!

Returning 8U skaters from STMA pay $350.


8U RiverHawks 2022-23 (Girls)

NWC RiverHawks 8U hockey provides programs for girls ages 5 to 9. Players must be 5 by June 1, 2022

First year skaters are FREE!

Returning 8U skaters from STMA pay $350.

*NWC RiverHawks from other home associations must register here as well, as we are the host association for team rosters and scheduling! (There is no charge with us, however we do cross reference your registration with your home association.)

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