Shana Stenberg

Volunteer Coordinator

2022-23 Volunteer Information

St. Michael-Albertville Youth Hockey Association (STMAYHA) operates successfully because of our volunteers. In order to provide a quality program and to create a positive experience for our players, we need help from each registered family. Our 2022-23 Volunteer Policy is outlined below. This policy is in effect from May 1, 2022 through April 30, 2023, aligning with STMAYHA’s fiscal year. All opportunities throughout the season are posted on www.stmayha.org.

Volunteer Hour Requirements

Families must complete 8 hours/per player. Each family must complete a minimum of 3.5 of their volunteer hours (per player) as gambling shifts.

*All hours can be gambling shifts if desired and shifts are available year round.

It is your responsibility to seek volunteer opportunities or select the buyout option described below which is only available at the time of registration.

Buyout Policy

Families will have the option to buyout their volunteer hours at registration and will be charged $500 per player.

Skaters with Active Military Parent/Guardian

Players with active Military parent/guardian currently deployed will have volunteer hours waived.

Volunteer Credit Card Payment

Failure to meet requirements by the end of the fiscal year will result in $500 charged per player to the credit card on file.

In the instance volunteer hours are not completed and the credit card on file doesn’t clear, a new credit card must be provided or the player will NOT be allowed to register for the upcoming season. 

Checks will not be held or accepted for the volunteer policy, only credit cards provided at registration.

Penalties for No Shows

If you are signed up for a volunteer shift (Gambling or Regular) and do not complete that shift, for whatever reason, you will be charged:

  1. 1st offense - $25
  2. 2nd offense - $50
  3. 3rd offense - Credit card charged full volunteer requirement amount of $500

Types of Volunteering

1. Hockey Volunteer Hours 

These opportunities include, but are not limited to, any volunteer shift posted to the STMAYHA website aside from gambling shifts. Some examples each year include helping with parades, tryouts, tournaments and fundraising events. If you sign up for one of these shifts and are unable to make it for an unforeseen reason within 7 days, you must email volunteers@stmayha.org to be removed from the shift.

All hours can be gambling hours if desired and shifts are available year round.

2. Gambling Volunteer Opportunities 

Gambling Shifts (3.5 Hours per Skater Required) 

These opportunities include, but are not limited to assisting staff during BINGO and Meat Raffles events. Please note:

  1.  Back-to-back shift volunteering is not allowed (ex. Meat Raffle at 5 p.m. and then BINGO at 7 p.m.). 
  2. Volunteers may at times be responsible for handling cash; any lost cash is to be replenished by the volunteer at the end of their shift. 
  3.  When you sign up to volunteer, you are responsible for the shift. If you unable to make the shift for unforeseen reasons and the shift is within 7 days, you must email gambling@stmayha.org to be removed from the shift.

3. Team Volunteering (does not count towards required volunteer hours).

Every family is expected to participate in team specific volunteering that supports their player’s team, as an active, supportive part of the team community – therefore, these do not apply to your family volunteer requirements as outlined above.  

Examples of supporting the team are: Running the clock, scorekeeping or working the penalty box during your player's team games, locker room monitor duties, making door signs and other team specific activities.

Coach, Team Manager and Board Member Volunteers

Travel coaches and team managers will receive volunteer credit for all players in their family. Teams will be allowed no more than one head coach, three assistant coaches and one team manager for volunteer credit exemption.  

Mite/8U coaches will receive credit for each Mite/8U skater they coach so long as they are coaching on the ice at least 75% of the scheduled ice time. The Hockey Operations Committee (HOC) will track Mite/8U coach attendance to ensure participation. 

Mite/8U team managers will receive volunteer credit for each player whose team they manage so long as they complete the required minimum team tasks communicated by the Mite Team Manager Coordinator. Managers not completing the requirements will not receive credit hours.

Board Members and Coordinators fulfilling roles including but not limited to Board of Directors, Support Coordinators, Special Committees (ex. Finance and Fundraising), HOC Members will receive credit for all players in their family

Coach Requirements:

  • To be an approved rostered coach
  • Registered with USA Hockey
  • A completed background check (need passed background once every 2-years)
  • Completed Safesport
  • To be current on CEP

Manager and Board Member Requirements:

  • Registered with USA Hockey
  • A completed background check (need passed background once every 2-years)
  • Completed Safesport

Parent Volunteer Requirements

In order for STMAYHA to ensure all volunteers have completed the required SafeSport and background checks, parents must provide the following information. This must be completed before participating in any volunteer shifts.

Information Required:

Hardship Policy

On occasion, families experience hardship and are unable to fulfill their volunteer hour commitment. If you are concerned about fulfilling your volunteer hours, please contact the Executive Board of Directors at execboard@stmayha.org

Code of Conduct

STMAYHA is a non-profit, volunteer organization which promotes the sport of hockey. One of our goals is to provide a safe and fun environment; we expect the same from all of our participants, including, but not limited to, parents, players, coaches and volunteers.

  1. Always conduct yourself in a manner that positively reflects on all participants and STMAYHA regardless of the opportunity or location to which you are fulfilling your hours.
  2. Respect the property of STMAYHA, the cities of Albertville and St. Michael, as well as our gambling partners. Take steps to prevent theft or damage whenever possible. 
  3. STMAYHA has a zero-tolerance rule for drinking during volunteer shifts. If you are caught drinking during a shift, you will be asked to leave and will forfeit all volunteer hours and your credit card will be charged. This includes both gambling and regular volunteer shifts.
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