Parent Registration

2022-23 Season Parent Registration

During Travel Tryouts and Mite/8U Skills Clinics, Registration and Level Coordinators will verify completion of each players' parent's registration. Should this part of registration remain incomplete, a player may not be rostered to a team until completed.

In order for STMAYHA to ensure all parents have completed the required SafeSport and background checks, parents must register each season to submit their parent documents.

During this registration process you will be asked to choose a pricing option. If you are currently volunteering as a Member of the Board of Directors, Non-Voting Board Support Coordinator or HOC Member please select the appropriate option. All other individuals please select the "Parent/Guardian" pricing option. If you are planning to coach this season, answer the questions appropriately and an offer will be sent to you at future time.

The following items are required for every parent/guardian/volunteer/coach:

  • USA Hockey Number (
  • Background Check Confirmation ( This is required for every volunteer/coach including but not limited to: parents entering the locker rooms at any time in any capacity, parents utilizing car pools, parents attending away tournaments and any other capacity in which a parent/volunteer is in direct contact with a player.

2022-23 Parent/Guardian Reg

All parents/guardians are required to register each season.  

Documents needed:

1) USA Hockey Number. Register as a coach or volunteer here:

2) USA Hockey Background Screen Results Report. Please upload a pdf or photo of your results page. A registration coordinator will review your document to ensure accuracy.

Your player may not be eligible to play until all documents are received accurately.

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