Tryout Details

Tryout Logistics

▪ Players check-in at Gold Rink lobby to confirm registration and receive tryout jersey, which they will wear through the tryout process and return after the final session.

▪ STMA/NWC colored socks must be worn with NO outside association logos or stickers (ex. AAA logos) visible on any player (Exception for Tier 1 stickers).

▪ All tryout sessions and locker room areas are closed to spectators (Squirt/10U parents can tie skates). The Blue Rink will be used for tryout evaluations.

▪ Each session will have at least one on-ice coach/ref and appropriate number of bench coaches for scrimmage days.

▪ Only evaluators, core HOC members, Executive Board, HOC Admin and Girls/Boys Coordinators allowed in Tryout Headquarter Room.

Tryout Format

▪ Day 1 of all tryout sessions will be skill drills for every level (Drills will focus on forward/backward skating, crossovers, puck-handling and shooting Goalies will perform goalie specific drills and participate in player shooting drills).

▪ Days 2-4 will be scrimmages.

▪ Peewees and Bantams will scrimmage outside the association for Days 3 and 4 with top three groups.

Evaluation Process


▪ 3-4 external evaluators per session depending on level.

▪ 1-2 internal evaluators per session depending on level (will not have a player at the level for which they are evaluating).

▪ 1-2 goalie specific evaluators per session depending on level.

▪ All evaluators will have high school, junior and/or college hockey coaching, scouting or playing experience and be well-versed in player evaluation.

Evaluation Criteria

▪ Skating

▪ Stick Handling

▪ Passing

▪ Shooting

▪ Physical Play (Bantams)

▪ Hockey Sense

▪ Attitude/Hustle/Effort

Evaluation Process

▪ Day 1 Skills groups will be created alphabetically.

▪ After completion of Day 1 Skills, player evaluation rankings will be used to tier each level by group for Day 2 scrimmages.

▪ After each Day 2, 3 and 4 scrimmages, players will be moved up or down between groups depending on evaluator rankings from that day and may be asked to stay over to the next group session.

▪ “Locked” players may be asked not to come for the final scrimmage session because evaluators have determined they would be on top team; evaluators want to see other players getting puck touches.

Formation Process

"Locked" Players

▪ Locked players for the top team at each level are those who have been ranked by the evaluators in a position where they cannot be moved off of the top team as rosters are finalized.

▪ Locked player positions range based on anticipated skater (not including goalies) roster size:

▪ Roster size of 10-11 skaters = top 8 ranked skaters locked

▪ 12-13 skaters = top 9 ranked skaters locked

▪ 14+ skaters = top 10 skaters locked

▪ Only players who scrimmaged with the final group at that level on the last day of tryouts, may be selected to the top team.

Team Formation Process

▪ Non-parent head coaches or parent head coach if named prior, will be allowed to attend the final day of tryouts.

▪ Following the final day of tryouts at each level; the HOC, HOC admin, the top team head coach and up to two members of the Executive Board will meet to review player rankings and finalize rosters.

▪ Any teams that are playing at equal level (ex. 2 “B2” teams), the players for those teams will be selected every-other based on evaluator rankings.

▪ Final teams will be posted to the association website no later than 72 hours after the final tryout session for that level (exception of 15U which will be posted after High School team rosters are selected).

Injury or Illness

▪ Any player unable to participate in tryouts due to injury or illness will start with a group chosen by the HOC Director.

▪ The HOC Director may collaborate with last year’s coaches and the HOC for determining initial placement.

▪ The HOC Director will make final team placement after further player evaluation.

▪ Any related questions should be directed to HOC Directors

Andy Johnson

Boys HOC Director

Brandon Mitchell

Girls HOC Director

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