SafeSport Updates for the 2020-2021 Season

Beginning this season, the SafeSport training requirement must now be completed every year

  • Volunteer/administrator must first complete the “Core Center for SafeSport Training,” which is completed online and takes approximately 90 – 120 minutes to complete.
  • In subsequent seasons, the volunteer/administrator will need to complete the Center for SafeSport’s “Refresher Course,” which is also online and takes 30 minutes or less to complete.

Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy (MAPP)

Mandated by federal law to be put in affect by U.S. Center for SafeSport and included in the USA Hockey SafeSport handbook.

  • 1-on-1 interactions - prohibited unless at an observable and interruptible distance by another adult
  • Locker Rooms - Continue proper supervision (i.e. locker room monitors, etc.)
  • Athletic Training Modalities – required to occur in a an observable and interruptible location
  • Social Media – All electronic communications from an adult USA Hockey member to a minor must be professional. A parent must be copied if communication via this medium is necessary
  • Travel – Coaches may not ride in a vehicle alone, travel with alone, share a hotel or sleeping arrangements with an unrelated minor participant, except in the case of an emergency or with prior written permission of the minor’s parent(s)/ guardian.


See and for policy updates.


See full details of USA Hockey SafeSport changes here 


Are you aware of the 2017 Safe Sport Act which now requires abuse awareness training for all youth sports organizations, including volunteers, coaches, and managers that interact with your athletes?

We're here to help! Talk to your account manager or check out this recent article in the SportsEngine Community that gives a clear walk-through of how the Safe Sport Act impacts youth sports organizations. 

Fulfilling Team Game Shift Responsibilities:

  • Games shifts can be filled by those 18 yo and older. These shifts include Locker room monitor, penalty box, scorebook and game clocks. 
  • It is up to the parents of each team to fulfill needed game shifts. These shifts do not count toward volunteer hours. It is expected that all parents fairly help out, including assistant coaches. (Head coaches are exempt)
  • If Safesport training and background screens are not complete and parents are not able to fulfill their scheduled shifts, the "no-show" fine will be assessed.
  • Some leniency can be given for missed shifts; however, after an initial reminder parents should be told that they will be assessed a fee for no shows. This is up to manager discretion but should be consistent for all team families. 
  • 1st offense: $25 fee
  • 2nd offense: $50 fee
  • 3rd offense: volunteer check will be cashed

Locker Room Monitor Policy

Each team is required to have a qualified locker room monitor (LRM) present at all times whenever a player/players are in a locker room.  A player should never enter into a locker room without adult supervision. If the players are dressing, this person must be a "qualified adult" (any adult of the same gender as the players who has passed the USA Hockey approved Background check) If the players are not changing, any qualified adult can supervise the players.  For this reason, it is permissible for opposite gender coaches to be in a locker room only for  game discussions before or after all players are finished dressing. 

Reminder: a coach cannot be in the locker room with only one player, unless that player is his or her child. If a coach wants to have a "private" conversation with a player, an LRM or another adult MUST be present.

Wondering if you have your SafeSport Certification?

As of January 1, 2018, all relevant individuals who need to be SafeSport certified or are seeking recertification will need to complete the new three-course SafeSport training, which features updated content. 

  • Beginning this season (2019/2020) the training requirement must now be completed every year 
  • 'SafeSport' Certificates can be found by logging into your USA hockey account under 'SafeSport.'

SafeSport FAQ

What is SafeSport and Why its Important?

SafeSport are rules to ensure safety is priority and fosters a positive experience. These rules are governed by USA Hockey and sets forth conduct by which all players, coaches, parents/volunteers are to abide by

What does SafeSport do for STMA YHA?

SafeSport provides a “SafeSport Coordinator” to listen, collect and escalate (as required) any activity that is perceived to violate any one of the polices prohibiting sexual, physical, emotional abuse, bullying, threats, harassment, and hazing

If you are unsure an issue or problem exists, please inquire with your SafeSport Coordinator first to begin the identification process and determine next steps.

Who is the SafeSport Point-of-Contact?

The SafeSport Coordinator is part of the Non-voting STMA YHA association Board of Directors.See the bottom of this page or this link

How do I Report an Incident?

Incidents can be reported in a few ways:

  • To make a report to USA hockey, you may do so by following the link here
  • Or, contact the STMA YHA SafeSport Coordinator (bottom of this page)

Note: All reports involving sexual abuse and misconduct must be reported directly to the U.S. Center for SafeSport by one of the following:

Completing an online report, click here

Calling 720-524-5640 

Or, by mail:

US Center for SafeSport

C/O Response and Resolution Office

1385 South Colorado Blvd., Suite A-706

Denver, CO 80222

Click here for more information.

Matt Nelson

SafeSport Coordinator


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