Eligibility and Waiver Requests

A player's eligibility to play for a specific youth hockey association in Minnesota is determined by Minnesota Hockey's Participation Policy found in Minnesota Hockey's Hockey Handbook under Youth Rules and Regulations. In general, such Policy states that players must register and participate with the youth hockey association whose boundaries incorporate the player’s residence, and in order for a player to participate in any other youth hockey association, the player must obtain a waiver.

There are two (2) types of waivers available; one is a 1 Year Player Participation Waiver and the other is a School Attendance Waiver. The School Attendance Waiver is only available to players who wish to play with the youth hockey association whose boundaries include the location of the public or private school the player attends*. The same form is used for both Waivers, but the requirements and approval processes are different. The School Attendance Waiver is required only when (i) a player is new to a youth hockey association, or (ii) a returning player is attending a different school than the school that player attended the previous year (i.e., primary school to elementary school, elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school), and approval is automatic as long as proof of enrollment is provided. The 1 Year Player Participation Waiver, as it's name suggests, is required every year and must be approved by the releasing association's president, the releasing association's District Director, the receiving association president, and the receiving association's District Director, and any of the approving parties have the authority to reject it.

*Players who are homeschooled or attend a majority of their classes online must participate with the youth hockey association whose boundaries incorporate the player’s residence.

Specifically, STMAYHA is governed by Minnesota Hockey through an affiliation agreement wherein Minnesota Hockey grants STMAYHA the exclusive jurisdiction to regulate the sport of youth hockey within the geographical area of St. Michael-Albertville School District 885 (District 885). If a player's residential address lies outside of District 885 and that player wants to play for STMAYHA, that player will need to obtain a waiver to play for STMAYHA. Directions on how to submit a School Attendance Waiver and proof of enrollment are found below. To request a 1 Year Player Participation Waiver to be released from STMAYHA, please contact STMAYHA's President via email at

Please be advised that all registrations will be verified. If it is found that a player is registered using a fraudulent address or fraudulent school enrollment, such player will not be allowed to play for STMAYHA, and all registration fees and ice fees will be forfeited.  


To submit a School Attendance Waiver, please follow the instructions below. Please be advised that School Attendance Waivers must be submitted prior to the start of the season the player is registered for.

  1. Complete and sign a School Attendance Waiver. Please note, please ONLY complete the sections on the Waiver as shown in the example below. Leave all other sections blank.
  2. Acquire proof of enrollment. For all players new to STMAYHA other than players in kindergarten, an official proof of enrollment must be aquired directly from either District 885* or St. Michael Catholic School**. For all players in kindergarten and returning players who are attending a different school than the school that they attended the prior year, a copy of the player's class schedule that includes the player's name and school they are attending is acceptable.
  3. Submit both the completed School Attendance Waiver and applicable proof of enrollment to STMAYHA's President via email at

If you have any questions, please contact the STMAYHA's President via email at

*To obtain proof of enrollment from District 885, please contact: Enrollment Coordinator – Sunday Kloncz via Email:

**To obtain proof of enrollment from St. Michael Catholic School, please stop in their office or contact: Secretary – Anne Mathena via Email:

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