While You're at STMA Arena ...

A few reminders from STMA Arena Staff …

1. This is YOUR home arena, so please respect it as such!
2. STMA Arena is a tobacco free facility (includes smoking, chewing and vaping).
3. Please use the enter/exit doors for the Rink your team is scheduled on. During construction, we want to avoid "spectator" jams at the doors.
4. Locker rooms need to be cleaned up after your teams use. Double check that all garbage is thrown away and any remaining gear is taken or put in the lost and found.
5. Also remember that food is not allowed in the locker rooms. Any outside food or snacks should be cleared with Arena staff.
6. All coaches and players need to leave the ice immediately when the Zamboni doors open. Make sure the doors to the ice are shut once you leave the ice, especially the sled hockey doors on the Blue Rink.
7. Do not access the ice and/or benches until the Zamboni doors are closed.
8. Players can still stretch before games in the east end of the Gold Rink corridor and Blue Rink corridor under the bleachers. No sticks and/or balls are allowed in off-ice areas, this includes soccer balls.
9. Again, this is OUR ice so make sure you clean up after yourself!
10. Good luck to all of you this season!