STMA Arena New Code of Conduct

Please review the new STMA Arena Code of Conduct (adopted by the STMA Arena Board in June 2023):

1. Be respectful of the arena, read and follow all posted signs.

2. No spitting on the locker room floors, bleacher areas, or the walls.

3. No stick handling in the lobbies, bleacher areas, mezzanine or conference room. This rule includes shooting tape balls and stick handling golf and tennis balls!

4. No soccer balls, skateboards, rollerblades (in-line skates) or roller shoes.

5. No smoking or tobacco use in the facility.

6. No alcoholic beverages allowed.

7. STMA Ice Arena is not responsible for an individual’s hockey or skating equipment.

8. Dry land training is only permitted in specified locations.

9. Food and Beverage Policy

    a. No outside food or beverages are allowed without Arena Manager’s permission.

    b. Mobile food units are not allowed on premises

10. Open Skating Rules

    a. No pucks, sticks or balls

    b. No food or beverages on the ice

    c. No horseplay, tag, crack the whip or racing

    d. Skate in the direction that the skate guard dictates, never skate against the flow or traffic

    e. Slower or inexperienced skaters keep near the boards

    f. No sitting on the boards

    g. No shoes on the ice

    h. Do not carry anyone while skating

    i. Please be courteous of other skaters, keep a safe distance

    j. Report any misconduct or accidents to the Arena staff

11. Locker Room Policy

    a. Locker room use is a privilege, not a right.

    b. Restrooms, lobbies and common areas are not acceptable areas to change in and by     inappropriately doing so you may forfeit your ability to skate at the STMA Ice Arena, without a     refund of rental fees.

    c. The STMA Ice Arena is not responsible for theft at the arena, it is suggested that all     valuables not be brought into the facility.

    d. Please report any damage, trash or unsanitary conditions in locker room to arena staff.

    e. Locker rooms are to be supervised by the team coaches or managers; when players must     be at the arena at a designated time then the coaches/managers should be there also.

    f. Any damage to the locker room will be billed out to the user or team (such as puck marks     on the walls, bench damage, unnecessary amount of garbage) repeat offenders will be     denied use of the facility.

12. On Ice Policy

    a. No one will enter the ice until the ice re-surfacer has left the ice surface and the doors are     closed.

    b. In the event that someone enters the ice while the ice is being resurfaced, the driver, at his     or her discretion for the safety of the driver and person entering the ice, will exit the ice     surface without finishing the resurface; if deemed necessary the Arena Manager will be     informed and ice rental may be cancelled with no refund.

    c. No one is allowed to write on the glass dasher boards or benches.

    d. Painting or markings/drawings of any kind are not allowed on the surface of the ice, unless     approved by arena staff.

    e. All pucks should be picked up prior to the end of the ice rental period. All players and     coaches need to be exiting the rink when the re-surfacer doors open.

    f. Referees, coaches or players are to move the nets according to the direction of the driver.

13. Parking Lot Policy

    a. Parking is on a first come, first served basis.

    b. Users may not prohibit use by other patrons.

    c. Parking is limited and needed for arena events. Use of the parking lot for out of town     games by parents or players is prohibited.

    d. The STMA Ice Arena reserves the right to tow vehicles at the vehicle owner’s expense.

14. Keep hands off of rink glass and the lobby glass – keep the arena looking new!

15. The STMA Ice Arena has been built by the tremendous efforts of many people in the community, please help us keep it looking great!