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The STMAHA Hockey Operations Committee  (HOC) has established a process for conducting tryouts.  The objective of the tryout process is to ensure that each player is given a fair evaluation and that all players are placed at the most appropriate level for their abilities.  The evaluators will be determined by the HOC.  The evaluators will rank all participants in sequential order, according to their scores.

The HOC Committee will oversee the tryout process.  A STMAHA Board liaison will be assigned to each tryout group.  The liaison will not have a skater in the group they are monitoring.

Tryout Detail:

  • Tryouts will consist of 3-4 sessions depending on the level (see attached schedule)
  • Day one will always consist of Skill Session to break kids into ability groups.  Skills evaluated will be skating, shooting, and stick handling.
  • Day 2-4 will be scrimmages.  Some levels may have outside association scrimmage on last day.
  • Players will be asked to stay for additional sessions as requested by evaluators.
  • “Locked” players may be asked to leave early, or not attend, last day of tryouts to further evaluate remaining players as determined by evaluators.
  • There will be 3-5 evaluators  per session
  • The skills the players will be evaluated on during scrimmages are:
    • Skating
    • Stick Handling
    • Passing
    • Shooting
    • Physical Play (Bantams)
    • Hockey Sense
    • Attitude/Hustle/Effort
  • Each evaluator will rank each player after every session and cumulative rankings will be determined from all sessions.
  • Goalies will be evaluated at a goalie skills clinic and during skater try outs.  There will be 2-3 goalie specific evaluators.  Goalies will be ranked in the same manner as above for player rankings for group placement.  Final goalie team placements, and number of goalies per team will be determined by the Goalie Evaluators and the HOC.

The final teams will be determined by the evaluators, the HOC, and the non parent Head Coach or parent Head Coach (once their player has been placed on the team).

Any player unable to participate in tryouts due to injury or illness (with DR note) will start with group chosen by HOC Director.  HOC director may collaborate with past year’s coaches and HOC for placement.  HOC director will make final team placement after further evaluations (1-4 skates) on chosen teams.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Ben Monahan, HOC Director, at